It takes a community to save lives and we need your help today! Please ADOPT, VOLUNTEER, and/or DONATE to your local animal shelter.

EVERY YEAR over four thousand animals enter our shelter as strays, surrendered by their owners, and many require immediate medical/foster care.

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SPRING IS IN THE AIR... Which Means Litters of Unwanted Puppies and Kittens Entering the Shelter!

Each animal comes in with a story that is unique and special. We need your help to create the next chapter of their life stories....

Right now we need a Baby Shower!

To be prepared for the upcoming puppy and kitten season we need baby supplies:

  • Puppy and kitten formula and bottles (Walmart, Olsen's Grain,
  • Wet and dry kitten and puppy food.
  • New or gently used towels, baby blankets, small fleece blankets,
  • New or gently used airline crates

If ordering items online please ship to:

Coconino Humane Association, 3501 E Butler Ave., Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Please be a part of the solution...spay or neuter your pets before YOU end up with an unwanted litter of puppies or kittens!

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